2019 Stratus Viognier

With less than one acre planted on the Stratus property, it typically finds its way into the assemblage of the Stratus White because of its aromatic profile and texture. A grape that embodies our philosophy that great wine is made in the vineyard, this seductive yet unpredictable variety, is low-yielding and requires a gentle touch.
$39.00 CAD

An intriguing, late-harvest style viognier here from Stratus in 2019, with plenty of spice on the nose, almost botrytis-like saffron and quince paste, dried apricot and peach, peach and orange blossom, and more in a complex expression, impressive for just 12% alcohol declared. The variety's struggle in Ontario comes through more on the palate with lean texture and sourish acids, missing the varietally typical volume and weight, though flavour intensity is again high and the finish lingers nicely. I'm inclined to say this would make for an excellent blending component rather than stand-alone wine (which Stratus does indeed use it for as well), though the range of flavours and ambition are both impressive. Will be interesting to track this wine over time - the acids should keep this shapely for a half dozen years or more. Tasted April 2022. - 90 points, David Szabo, WineAlign